Mobile Website Design

The above statistics reveal that mobiles are here to stay and the users are only going to grow from here. A more research is presented, it confirms the rise in mobile usage, especially smartphones. We you to create a mobile compatible website to reach out to new potential customers.

At Shivam, we can create mobile web designs to mirror your website. This means that we are able to protect your brand identity and the same colour, logo can be applied to your mobile website effortlessly. Our mobile websites are designed not only to look functional and beautiful, we also add search engine functionality so that your mobile website is searchable by potential users.

Our Mobile Website Design Solution Offers:

  • Same look and feel as the traditional website
  • Search Engine friendly design
  • Navigable website
  • A one-touch call to action buttons
  • A one- touch contact forms
  • Quick load time of your mobile web design
  • Sync Mobile Statistics with Google Analytics Account

To penetrate the mobile market, get in touch with us.

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