Software Development Services

Off-the-shelf solutions are ineffective and inefficient because these are generic solutions to unique problems! As such, Shivam Technologies avoids these generic solutions in favour of customised software development solutions as part of our comprehensive set of software development services.

What We Offer

You have a unique set of resources, requirements and results expectations from your competitors. Why let generic solutions come into the picture? Your organisation will be better for it when customised software development solutions are installed because these address your uniqueness.

What makes us qualified to deliver high-level software development services even to information technology companies?

For one thing, we have an expert team of software designers and developments (i.e., Microsoft-certified) on board whose domain experience is unequalled in the industry.

We also have the resources including the tools and technologies to design, develop and install customised software development solutions, which you may be hard-pressed to gather.

Our software development services include the design and development of Intranets, Extranets, and Internet software web applications, all of which are now standards for organisations in the Age of the Computer.

What we offer in software solutions services is one that you will truly benefit from so don't hesitate about contacting us for more information!

What We Do

Our domain experts have the abilities and capabilities to deliver on a wide range of software development services. Choose which of these software solutions services are crucial in your organisation and then call us for discussions about your requirements:

Software Development Services

Intranet Solutions

Information is a critical currency of business, one that Intranet solutions create and sustain within the organisation. Shivam Technologies considers Intranet solutions as one of its must-have software development services for small and large organisations for this reason.

SaaS Solutions

The introduction of cloud has created unlimited potential for organisations to be more profitable. Building the cloud foundation properly is critical to the long term success of your cloud and ensuring that your business objectives can be met over the long term. We are technological advanced and have worked with businesses on their SaaS solutions and look forward to helping you find a cloud solution.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile use among consumers is on the rise so organisations must ride the wave of mobile applications. Who better to provide these applications than the best provider of software development services - Shivam Technologies? We design and develop mobile applications essential in employee productivity and consumer connectivity - accounting and budgeting apps, online quoting system, and customer surveys, among other software development solutions.

Custom Software Development

At Shivam, we understand that each organisation has a vision and an outcome they wish to achieve when they require a software solution. With over a decade in successfully completing custom software solutions for our clients, we look forward to helping you. We pride ourselves in selling business solutions to you and not mere technology. We listen to what you have to say and demonstrate that understanding when we prepare the business case study and wireframes prior to commencement of the project.

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