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The introduction of cloud has created unlimited potential for organisations to be more profitable. Building the cloud foundation properly is critical to the long term success of your cloud and ensuring that your business objectives can be met over the long term. We are technological advanced and have worked with businesses on their SaaS solutions and look forward to helping you find a cloud solution.

We work with you from our initial contact to understand the business issues, understand your operations and assist you in making intelligent decisions to improve your business

Benefits of a SaaS Solution

High Implementation

SaaS applications are available from any device or computer 24/7. All you need is a stable Internet connection and because SaaS is web based and most people are Internet savvy these days, learning the system will be effortless.

Lower Initial Costs

Shivam builds the platform and takes care of the Infrastructure on your behalf. This means that you will have lower initial costs for software, hardware and people.

Upgrades Are Painless

Because all the updates and upgrades are managed, our clients are not required to download any patches.

Seamless Integration

We offer customisation capabilities to meet specific needs for seamless integration. Once the solution is delivered to you, you can start using straightway.


Unlike traditional software, SaaS is usually sold on a subscription basis unlike traditional software. The subscription will include upgrades, maintenance and a degree of customer support. SaaS subscription models normally operate on a monthly or yearly subscription basis. As such, there are no large up-front costs.

SaaS Development Cycle

In order for each and every cloud solution we deliver, we follow a development cycle which removes confusion and ensures that the service designed is configured and customised according to your needs, integrated seamlessly into your operation and supported throughout it’s useful life.

SaaS Solutions

Stage 1: Requirement Analysis

Before a single piece of code is written, we take time out to understand your business requirements. We have worked with various industries but are aware that each organisation has a different set of challenges. We will discuss with you the best option based on the specific results you want to achieve.

Stage 2: Architecture and Business Rules

We now go back and set up the architecture of the cloud solution and also prepare the business rules and wireframes to give you an understanding of how your end product will look like.

Stage 3: Resources and Time Management

Shivam allocates the required resources and timeframes for deliverables. With our in-house service desk system, there is transparency which means you can view your project status at any given time.

Stage 4: Application Development

With our project management practices, we now go ahead and build your solution. Testing is performed at all critical junctures and bugs are fixed on the spot to avoid future complications. We will also ensure that staff receive training on how to use the system.(Contact us to find out how).

Stage 5: Deployment/Management /Support

Once the testing is completed on both ends and both parties are satisfied, the solution is delivered to you. This is where, our management and support services come in the picture. The advantage of a SaaS model of software delivery is that you need not worry about managing servers, dealing with operating systems or backing up the data. We monitor all this.

Regardless of your requitements organising a support and maintenance package with Shivam is hassle free.

What Expertise Can Shivam Offer

Understanding Business Issues

We work with you from our initial contact to understand the business issues, understand your operations and assist you in making intelligent decisions to improve your business


We have a range of fully integrated applications, a customisable platform and a shared hosting environment plus the flexibility of the WWW. This means that we are able to offer you a unique solution which can transform any business into a cloud-based platform. Our solutions not only benefits to the organisation but is functional for both staff and customers.

Secure Administration

A secure portal can give access to staff (based on permission levels) to functions of the applications from almost anywhere.

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