Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development has never been more important than it’s right now. However to develop it properly, you need experts to help you reach and tap new mobile markets.

Shivam can help your business with creating new revenue streams, the ability to communicate with your clients and prospects directly all from mobile devices. To put it simply, mobile app is essential if business wish to stay competitive.

How Can Shivam Help You

We work closely with you to help you with the idea mobile application requirement to your business. We will discuss with you in details the interface, the inclusions, architecture and more to produce an application which you have envisioned.

We develop your application top quality work as we have a highly dedicated team of developers who have high technological competencies in:

Mobile Application Development

Demand for Mobile Apps On The Rise

According to the Australian Communications and Media Authority,

“Mobility was an increasing feature of online participation with 7.5 million Australians using the internet via their mobile phone during June 2013, an increase of 33 per cent (or ten percentage points) compared to June 2012 and a telling 510 per cent since June 2008.”

“7.5 million Australians accessed internet via their mobile phone during June 2013, an increase of 33 per cent compared to June 2012.”

With such astonishing facts, it is clear that the rate of adoption of smartphones along with use of mobile Internet underlines the importance of mobile application development.

Your employees and customers alike are moving away from personal computers and using their mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones to conduct daily activities and therefore it only makes sense to develop Mobile Application.

Increasing Benefits of Mobile Application Development

Mobile apps can keep your organisation ahead of completion in a variety of ways .The following benefits can be seen achieved:

  • Target customers with smartphones, tablets and Internet-enabled mobile phones who want the opportunity to gain new information and purchase products on the go
  • Provide better customer support services by allowing for easy, fast and convenient communication of their concerns
  • Collect feedback and data from customers

At Shivam Technologies, we design and develop mobile apps that help in the management of your:

  • Workforce on the go
  • Finance operations
  • Online quote systems
  • Customer questionnaires and surveys and more…

We pride ourselves as technology leaders. With our expertise in software development and project management as applied to the mobile application development process; assuring you of the highest quality in mobile apps.

Let’s Work Together For Your Next Mobile Application Solutions!

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