Custom Intranet Software Solutions

Shivam’s intranet solutions are not a mere portal for information management but are powerful “Mini Internet” set up within your organisation. Our intranet platform brings the workplace together with a collaborative approach where knowledge is openly shared and processes streamlined.

We have extensive knowledge, expertise and experience in designing and deploying robust intranet systems based on the unique requirements of our clients. At the end of the day, an Intranet should serves the purpose of increasing productivity.

Our Intranet Solutions

Improve Productivity

  • Perform daily tasks through the one system
  • Latest events
  • Meetings
  • Important documents
  • News
  • Emails
  • Leave Forms and more…

Corporate Communications

  • Feedback
  • Employee Surveys
  • Important Announcements
  • Job Positions Available
  • News
  • Performance Recognition

Streamline Processes

  • Document Processes
  • Workflows Efficiency

Collaboration between Departments

  • Connect and Share Information
  • Quicker Sign Offs Reducing Delays in Production

Knowledge Library

  • Creating Knowledge Base
  • Categorise Accordingly (Blogs, News, Events etc…)
  • Effective use of Groups and Folders
  • Powerful Search to Search across the Intranet

Our team will design and implement an Intranet system which just does not work today but works for years. We understand that each business situation is different and we take time to understand your business, how your work and always keep in mind that the end product must be functional removing unnecessary infrastructure layering.

Benefits of working with us on your Intranet Project include:

  • Web based Software Development experience spanning over a decade.
  • Experienced team of Usability Experts,
  • Experienced team of Web programmes
  • Experienced team of Software Engineers
  • Latest Programming tools accessibility
  • High Level System Integration Skills
  • Intranet systems successfully implemented in various industries
  • In-House Help Desk System to support your project

Do you want your own effective and efficient and robust Intranet Solution? Get in touch with us today.

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