Custom Software Development Solutions

At Shivam, we understand that each organisation has a vision and an outcome they wish to achieve when they require a software solution. With over a decade in successfully completing custom software solutions for our clients, we look forward to helping you. We pride ourselves in selling business solutions to you and not mere technology. We listen to what you have to say and demonstrate that understanding when we prepare the business case study and wireframes prior to commencement of the project.

With an excellent and talented development team to support us, we have built some robust custom solutions for our clients spanning a variety of industries which include, education, project management, engineering and many more.

Custom Software Development Cycle

The reason for our success is that we stringently follow the Custom Software Development Cycle to ensure the smooth running of the project and also eliminate major errors and mistakes from occurring which can be costly from the point of resources and delivery times.

Custom Software Development Cycle

Our Custom Software Development Solutions

Intranet Solutions

We create custom intranet solutions that allows for fast, easy and convenient access to your content management systems from a single point of access. Such a custom solution will maximises the value of information in daily operations as well as in policy direction.

Database Applications

For any organisation, information and data are two critical strategic resources. Whether you require to keep your finances on track, projects on track, compiling client lists, we can help you.

Mobile Applications

With the increase usage of tablets and smartphones, your decision to implement a custom mobile application will improve your bottom line. Your opportunities for sales will increase as you start connecting with more mobile customers.

IPhone Applications

IPhone Applications are an engaging way to interact with your clients as well as engaging with employees within the organisation.

Web Based Applications

Our comprehensive experience in the creation of web-based applications has assisted hundreds of businesses to boost their employee productivity and company profits. Why be left behind when you can enjoy these benefits, too?

Content Management Systems

Our custom software development services also include the creation of new content management systems as well as the evaluation of existing systems with the view of making relevant improvements. Your new system will generate not only immediate results but more importantly, also provide features for long-term growth. Sustainability is a critical aspect of our software development process and that’s a fact.

Business Consulting

Shivam Technologies has a team of experienced business consultants who have the knowledge of tools, techniques and technologies necessary for the identification of problems and their solutions.

Why Choose Shivam For Your Custom Software Solutions?

  • Over a decade of Custom Software Solutions expertise
  • We have a highly skilled team of developers
  • We use the latest tools and technologies for our custom software solutions
  • Easy Integration to your existing system
  • CRM Systems, Internal System Integrations through API and Web Services and Payment Gateways
  • Successfully completed projects in various industries
  • After sales support through our in-house service desk system

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