Digital Marketing Services

Shivam Technologies offers digital marketing services for its clients across diverse industries including education, retail and healthcare. We have been and continues to be an integral part of our clients' aggressive yet effective moves into the digital marketing Australia market, a role that we take pride in considering the competitive online environment our clients work in.

Web and Mobile

As a leading digital marketing company Australia, we offer digital marketing in its two forms, namely, web-based and mobile-based.

Since the most effective and efficient programs in digital marketing Australia cross digital and traditional marketing channels, we will also work with you in applying several technologies and platforms for your websites, mobile applications, and social networks, even e-mail.

Push and Pull

Our digital marketing services also include two forms, namely, pull and push digital marketing. You can also choose multi-channel communications wherein both pull and push forms are present in your digital marketing plan.

In pull marketing, your customers actively seeks your marketing content such as opening your emails or watching your web feed. In push marketing, you send the message without your customers seeking its content such as display ads and news blogs. In multi-channel communications, both types are used in conjunction such as an email with a link for web content.

Our professionals are well-versed in both forms of digital marketing services so you can expect excellent results.

Online Marketing at Its Finest

With our digital marketing services, you will enjoy the benefits of online marketing at its finest. We will work with your designated staff in the design and development of your digital marketing plan so that these benefits can be yours:

To ensure that indeed you are getting digital marketing services at their finest, we have adopted a rigorous process. We will ask relevant questions - What are your goals? Who are your target market? What are your suggested methods in targeting them? - To ascertain your requirements. As a sought after digital marketing company Australia has to offer, we are experts in the field of Digital Marketing and with your valuable input, we will make your campaign a success.

Perhaps the most important aspects of our digital marketing services is the generation of traffic to your websites. We achieve such a goal via several methods including pay-per-click advertising, blog marketing, search engine marketing, email marketing, and article marketing, amongst others.

You have the assurance of our 10+ years in the business and our supportive customer service system for your business. Choose from among our digital marketing services:

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