Video Creation Service

Shivam Technologies offers video creation to companies in Australia. We have experience as an effective and efficient provider of a wide range of services in software development, website design, and online marketing in our favour.

Our strategic approach as an emerging video creation company offers creative, cost-efficient, and results-effective productions that maximize your return on investments. Our thrust as a video production company Australia organisations trust for their video requirements, is to make your creative vision a productive reality!

Shivam Technologies adopts a five-step production process:

Development and strategy

We will discuss your goals, requirements, and deadline for the project before beginning the video production process. We will learn about your target audience and your target message so that we can develop a tailored production strategy - truly, a hallmark of the best video creation company.

Script writing

From your inputs during the development and strategy stage, we will develop a customised script incorporating your target message. We use a wide range of methods including short films, video marketing clips, and documentary films as well as training programs, all of which are produced according to the high standards we have set for ourselves as a video creation company.


We pride ourselves on our pre-production capabilities as a video creation company, too. During the pre-production stage, we engage in several relevant activities including but not limited to talent casting for the live and voice-over actors, location scouting, and aerial videography.


High-definition film and video production

The meat of our services as a video creation company, the actual film and video production phase involves filming the scenes according to the agreed locations, actors, and script, among other factors. We will provide the director, producers, and actors as well as the crew for the project so that you can just sit back and enjoy the process.

Of course, we will work according to a set schedule and budget! You have the assurance that your video creation company - Shivam Technologies - will deliver the best results based on your budget.

Post-production services

We ensure that, indeed, the finished video is to your heart's desires. Our post-production services include video editing, DVD and Blu-ray duplication, and social media uploads; we are not just a video creation company but an online marketing provider, too.

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