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Shivam Technologies will closely work with your organisation so that your logo represents your brand and reinforces your images in the minds of your customers!

Keep in mind that a logo is a crucial aspect of business marketing for several reasons - it is the major graphical representation of your organisation that anchors your brand in the minds of stakeholders; it establishes your unique identity among customers; and it allows them to identify with your organisation including its products and services, among others.

Our logo design services go beyond the logo itself. Keep in mind, too, that your logo can be used in advertising and marketing campaigns including the catalogues, brochures, and posters, among other materials. Your logo provides the anchor points for the fonts, colours, and designs of these materials, thus, creating a homogeneous experience for stakeholders.

Shivam Technologies aids in establishing and strengthening your brand identity! We will work for you and with you in making your organisation the most recognisable in its niche.

The Shivam Solution

The Shivam Solution

Choose your package

We offer several packages depending on your requirement .We will discuss the costs and benefits that come with each package so that you can make a smart choice and, thus, get the best value for your money.

Tell us about your business

Our logo design services are geared toward complete customisation of logos - no two logos will be alike, no logo will be inspired, much less copied from, other logos, and no logo will be ineffective as a representation of your company. We strive to eliminate technical, legal, and creative issues from our works.

We will ask plenty of questions to determine who you are and what you aspire to be, among other factors. Our questions include:

  • Descriptions of your company and its goals
  • Products and services
  • Target market; your competitors
  • Your desired tagline
  • Imagery
  • Colours etc…

Approve the logo

Our professional logo designers will consider the answers to the questions mentioned above as well as your inputs on each initial design to come up with the best logo for your organisation. You can receive your customised logo in various formats including .GIF and .JPG for websites, .AI format and .EPS format for high-definition printing, and grey scale for offline use, among others.

You have the assurance that your approved logo becomes your property. You own the full copyright to it and, thus, you can register it through the registration office, a process that we can also be of assistance.

Get in touch with us today and we can discuss your logo needs TODAY.

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